Fishing Tackle

Here is a list of suggested fishing tackle which you can use as a guideline
when preparing for your Swains Reef Charter Fishing Trip

Terminal Tackle:

You may want to consider buying this tackle especially hooks & sinkers in bulk as a group as can cut the cost considerably.

Strong Hooks e.g. Mustad, VMC, Gamakatsu
Sizes- 7-o, 8-o, 9-o
Big Trebles e.g. Owner Stingers & 10-o hooks for live baiting for Mackeral
Piano Wire – Single Strand (80 – 150 lb)
Swivels- 80 – 100 lb also snap swivels for wire trace & lures
Live bait jigs of different sizes are also handy
Sinkers: For usage under 60m ball sinkers are highly recommended
Sizes- 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 & pea for the shallows
Snapper sinkers (Only For use over 60m) ½ & Lb sinkers
Lures: Rapala, Halco, Blades, River to sea & skirts
Suggested Colours: Red & White, Gold, Blue there are many more colours but these are consistent in catches
Plastics: Gulp 7” & 5” jerk shads, Squidgies – shads & Slick rigs, Hollow Bodies , Power bait-Pro Shad & Pro Flick Baits , Terminator Snap Backs –Soft jerk bait (blue glimmer & electric chicken) snap backs are a favourite with the crew & we highly recommend these as they are nearly indestructible with more bang for your buck !!!
Jig Heads – Nitro, TT’s (Different weight sizes for use in varying depths)
Squid Jigs of different sizes are necessary! There are always opportunities to catch & feast on these tasty creatures...
Braid- 30- 80lb Good for all round usage, a must for deep-water fishing.
Mono- 30- 80 lb not as commonly used these days with braid being favoured. It is still good for the shallows.
Leader- 60- 80 lb a definite must especially using braid!

Along with these items, you should also have Knives, pliers, lipgrippers & Balloons for Mackeral fishing with live bait.

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